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This section covers the general area of computer based application security.

Security News

  • Juniper Points 'Software Defined' Techniques to Security
    Juniper Networks Inc. has added new virtual firewalls to its Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN), a suite of products that applies to network security the "software-defined" technique of disaggregating software and hardware.
  • Cisco Routers Infected by New Malware
    Researchers at FireEye said they've discovered a malware that infects Cisco Systems Inc. routers with a modified firmware that spys on Internet and network activity, an approach that might be evading normal security measures.
  • Experts Say Government Surveillance Backdoors Actually Make Things Worse
    A group of prominent cryptographers said that the planting of backdoors for law enforcement surveillance -- in an effort to crack down on cybercrime -- is actually creating more network vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit.
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